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July 8, 2013 by zcrazydivegirl

Dear Family and Friends,

I am having a BLAST here!!! Non stop smiling!!! Im learning sooooo much and getting to meet so many amazing people!!! The only down side is the cafeteria food LOL but other than that im doing awesome!!

Sorry its taken so long to write this. I only have one preparation day and thats today and I dont get a lot of time LOL. I leave for Chicago the 8th!!! So excited!!! We have about 8 hours at LEAST of studying everyday!! We have to race around the building with the Elders sometimes so we dont fall asleep during personal study lol.

The teachers here are so amazing!! we learn so much!! Seriously I cant stop smiling!! My companion, Sister Dias, is so wonderful!! Shes JUST LIKE ME too!!! She loves thrifting and just AH! Shes a hoot!!

So the day we got here there were 900 NEW MISSIONARIES!!! ITS INCREDIBLE!! I just thought that if everyone in that room (called all over the world) touched just one persons heart, thats 900 people!!! So amazing. Theres actually a couple thousand in the MTC all the time. DANG GOODNESS!

I got to see Elder Thomas a couple times!!! Ive got pictures but this computer is stupid soooo…. ill get that to yah latter. But I love the Elders and Sister in my Zone and District!!! There so sweet!!! We have 3 elders going to INDIA!!! So cool 😉

On Sunday I got to hear Sheri Dew!!! SO exciting!!! She was amazing!!! The spirit here is always so strong!! Im constantly smiling!!! At night tho we get back in our room at 9:30 and we have so much to do!! UGH! Its crazy!! Thats why I havent had time to actually write letters… Lights out at 10:30. But we have a lot of fun!

The month leading up to me reporting was really hard, but I can defintly see why! Im so happy to be here, preparing to do the Lords work ❤ My heart is so full and I just love life!! Its never been better! I love you all and I will do my best to keep everyone updated ❤

Sister Henderson


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