A tip for shopping


June 7, 2013 by zcrazydivegirl

Well here I am, 20 days till I report to the MTC and a hunk load of shopping still left to do…. WHO KNEW!! It feels like I’ve been out almost everyday coming up empty-handed 70% of the time. But I’ve enquired a system now:

~Main thing is to STAY CALM!!! You are, for one, going to hate your clothes at the end of the mission and literally want to burn them…

~WAIT till you get your call to start buying clothes. You could be going to South Africa or Russia, you never know! But realize that the clothing requirements between those two countries are completely different. Look up weather norms in your mission, and be prepared for them. If you have any further questions or you’re still unsure about things you can always email your mission president.

~Also specifically check the weather and season you will be entering when FIRST reporting to your mission area. For me I’ll be heading up to Illinois during the rainy/hott humid season. So since I wont need my subzero clothes for a couple of months and I’m still in the states (shipping is cheaper), I’m having my mom send my winter stuff right before I need it. If you’re in another country this will be harder and more expensive, but defiantly plan it out before you leave. And keep in mind shipping over sees is less reliable so think about buying insurance on your packages if you take this route. My reason for doing this is that I have to pack for all four seasons; you get two suit cases and a 50lb weight limit to each suit case and having two HUGE snow coats will weight that much just in its self.

~Its also very important to remember the economical state of the area you will be serving in. For example, if you’re going to a 3rd world country your clothes should NOT look expensive and you should look simple, to look less like an outsider. Helping your message be more easily welcomed.

~Stay thrifty!!! I am a THRIFTAHOLIC. There are so many thrift shops everywhere!! You have to be patient and dig deep BUT I for one think coming out with three wool, usually $50, skirts that fit me perfectly, altogether for under $20 is well worth the effort. But be very cautious of the type of fabrics you see. You don’t really want to get anything that says “dry clean.” UNLESS….. you are willing to risk it (aka if it’s amazing and cheap enough). Just wash it, hang dry it, and see if it shrinks BEFORE you report. Well you should really wash everything you get from the thrift store, but don’t let that scare you!!! The all-powerful washing machine takes care of everything!

~Sometimes on the mission sisters do a CLOTHING SWAP!! This is where missionaries can exchange their valued but no longer used clothing for clothing they will use. It’s a good way to declutter and refill one’s wardrobe. So suggest it, if no one has already!! (but make sure you get permission first 😉

~You get one day a week to do laundry; preparation day, AKA P-day. In the packet it says to have 6-8 outfits. You’ve got to remember that if you’re going to be in a hott climate you’re going to sweat and most likely are not going to want to wear the same clothes more than once or twice unwashed a week. So have ENOUGH to get you through till p-day at least. But if its going to be cold you’re going to have layers upon layers, which makes wearing things multiple times with in the week more bearable. For me I have to prepare for all FOUR SEASONS. I’ve got to think about hott and cold, but if you can mix the two, that saves with space. All my summer stuff (except for my skirts) can be worn during the winter as well, I just have to layer and add warmth.


2 thoughts on “A tip for shopping

  1. June aka G-ma says:

    Sounds like you’re in great shape for all your needs, precious granddaughter! I just couldn’t resist adding my note to your darling website! I love you sooo much and will be praying for you every day. xoxox Great G-ma S.

  2. candace717 says:

    Great advice! And if you don’t have time or good thrift shops around you, check out my online store for inexpensive sister missionary clothes, Sorella Bella.

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